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Vitamin C and Hyperpigmentation

If you find yourself struggling with dark skin patches or dark spots, you’re not alone.

For years now, Vitamin C has been highly touted for its brightening and anti-ageing effects…

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After two weeks of using the BHA EXfoliant with the vitamin C serum, my pores shrank, and some stubborn blackheads were unclogged. I was initially worried about using the product, but I’m glad I did!


I am struggling with stubborn hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin, but I have seen improvement since using the BHA exfoliant. 

Lily Granger​

To be honest, before buying the product, I was sceptical because I had bought so many products from small and big brands, and none of them gave me the result I wanted. But after a month of usage, I was impressed by how my skin glowed. 

@ aadocura
Jeson Foxx

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